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New for 2018! Create & Share your Wedding Music Playlist using T Carter Music and Save 10% on your purchase! Just for interacting with our songs we are giving you a huge savings discount if and when you decide to purchase. Your playlist will have 90 second song samples of all the songs you choose. Listen and select your songs, drag and drop them into your playlist, enter your name, finalize, and share with your family and friends using one of the 4 options provided (facebook, twitter, email, or text). Once you share you will receive a coupon code that can be used for any T Carter Music song or song package. It's FREE, It's FUN, and it's EASY! 

  • Sharing your playlist is a great way to get feedback on your song selections.
  • Mix and match your Prelude and Processional songs for a unique wedding touch.
  • Test your audience, see what they like (fiance', family, friends, etc...).
  • No purchase obligations or committments. Your playlist is yours to review and revise if needed.    

Need Help? Watch our tutorial video.

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