T Carter Music Video & Slideshow Licensing

Will you be adding our music to your wedding video? If so, please consider the proper licensing when doing so. If you are creating a slideshow or video for private home use only, there is no need to worry about licensing. If you are a professional videographer, photographer, or wedding planner wanting to use our music, please use the link below to access our licensing partners at Triple Scoop Music and select the appropriate license and song you need. Below is a guide for helping you make the proper licensing decision. If you have questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. 
No License Required:  
  • If you are only playing our music at your event or making a "non-professional" or personal / family video using our music that will not be copied or shared publicly in any format. This is considered "Typical Use" and permission is granted with your purchase of any T Carter Music song or songs. 

License Required: 

  • If you are a professional or have hired professional event planner, coordinator, photographer, or videographer to work with our music.
  • If fees have been paid to you or you have paid fees to have our music used in a video / slideshow format.  
  • If you plan to copy or distribute a video or slideshow using our music to more than one party. 
  • If you plan to post our music in a video or slideshow format to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc...). 
  • If you intend to use our music in a manner in which you may profit from it's use directly or indirectly.  

Click the Triple Scoop Music icon below and select the appropriate license for your use.

Note: The typical license for videographers and photographers using our music is "Event Filmmaker" or "Pro Photographer."