T Carter Music Video & Slideshow Licensing

Will you or your wedding videographer be featuring our songs in your wedding video?  If so, add a video / slideshow license to your cart for only 99 cents. Why do you need a license to put T Carter Music in a video format? It's the legal thing to do...Song purchasing rights for any artist do not include the legal rights to make a video using an artist's songs without permission and royalty from and to the artist. This legal license agreement is made between T Carter Music and the purchaser.  Our fees are very small and it protects against copyright infringement. 

This is the perfect choice for a bride and groom wanting to showcase their wedding day to the soundtrack of any T Carter Music song.  Simply download and print your license certificate and take it to your professional photographer or videographer so that they can legally use our copyrighted music for your presentation. 
  • All usage of T Carter Music must be done in "good taste", and must not reflect negatively upon T Carter Music and the songs provided.
  • License allows for the creation and replication of of videos / shlideshows using T Carter Music for non-profit use. 
  • License gives permission rights to distribute or release video to social networks (YouTube, FaceBook, etc...). We ask that you credit T Carter Music and give the song title. T Carter Music reserves the right to have the video removed if the video is not appropriately used or damages our credibility in any way. 

Professional videographers are only allowed to use T Carter Music when a License Certificate is purchased. Professional videographers wishing to use T Carter Music as part of their catalog should contact us about unlimited yearly use agreements.  

If you have an interest in using our music for reasons that do not fall within the scope of this license agreement (film, tv, commercial, website, etc...), please contact us to discuss available options. 
Click the song or catalog choices below to purchase a video / slideshow license.

Thank you, 

Tony Carter  (President/Owner)
T Carter Music Inc.