Quinceanera Song

To a daughter, there's nothing quite like a father's love and popular and sentimental tradition is to choose a special song for the Quinceanera Dance. There is a unique bond between a father and his little girl that is a sacred and full of emotion. As you search for a daddy daughter song, it's a good idea to take the necessary time to listen more than just a few so that you can find a meaningful song for this special and tender moment.
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  1. Daddy's Angel

    Daddy's Angel

    About the song...

    Daddy's Angel was inspired by conversations I had with my wife in regards to her relationship with her father. It was a challenging song to write. I had previously written "A Mother's Song" and I was able to experience the emotion in the song writing process as the words and melody came together naturally because of the relationship I had with my mother. It was easy to put to words so to speak. For Daddy's Angel, I relied heavily on my wife Carrie's experiences and memories of her own dad who had passed away just a few years prior. While taking long drives through the country with my wife and newborn son, she would share her thoughts of being a little girl and special memories that she had of her dad. Everything from playing softball in the yard, to laughing, to tucking her in at night became part of our conversations. I used a little bit here and there with the lyrics I ended up with. The main sentiment was all about the lasting memories that were made. 

    As I struggled for a hook and a melody I stumbled up on the line "I'm giving you away, but I'm not letting go." That line became the foundation of the song. From there I wanted to build upon the story of a girl growning up in the eyes of her father. From that perspective, it would be an emotional experience as he sees his beautiful daughter grow into a beautiful bride. With the music and melodies complete I focused on the lyrics to make sure that the song said everything that a father would want to say to his daughter on her wedding day. The special moment was specific to the father daughter dance. A heartfelt moment shared by the love that only a daddy and daughter could understand. 

    - Tony Carter 

    Daddy's Angel is one of the best father daughter dance songs available. With lyrics that remind you of those precious childhood memories, this song truly speaks from a father's heart. Daddy's Angel is sure to make your father daughter dance unforgettable. CD and Mp3 include all 4 band, acoustic, and non-vocal performance tracks found in the music player above. Sheet music is arranged for simple guitar, piano, and vocal melody for a male singer. Only available here, from T Carter Music! 

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