Customer Feedback


"Hi! I simply wanted to tell you Tony that your wedding music is absolutely beautiful. I was so impressed that I recently incorporated 3 of your wedding songs (This Ring, Dance With Me, and Daddy's Angel) into my wedding this past April. It was truly amazing! My father was so touched when he danced with me to your music that I actually saw tears from his eyes...and of course the same went for me. Thank you so much for making my special day even that more special. Keep up the lovely work."

– Melissa, NY
"I just wanted to contact you to say that I have had 2 clients just this week, request your music for their wedding day. One client is using your Mother/Son piece, and another is using the Canon in D (Celtic Mix). I was unfamiliar with your work but am happy to have your product recommended. I have purchased the Highland Serenade Album and will shortly purchase the other selection as well. Congratulations on getting the word out about your product and as a wedding professional, I appreciate having your great product and work to offer my clients."

– Nathan Baker, NY
"Hello...I spoke to you a few weeks back regarding a CD I ordered. I just wanted to let you know we received it 2 days later and it is perfect for us...your music is beautiful. Thank you."

– Lauren Carriage, UK
"I wanted to tell you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your song This Ring made my ceremony more meaningful than I can express. I lived in Las Vegas when I made our wedding plans to be married in Chicago on July 7th, 2007. Things went completely wrong from the start, from several Churches not allowing us to be married in them since we were not part of there parish, to the hall messing up the location. My girl friend came across your website. She told me that I had to hear this song. When I went on your site and read how you wrote this song for your wife that you have not met at the time melted my heart. So I listened, I played it over and over on the website. Wondering how a man could express feeling like this to a person that he is dreaming of. Because of you and your music, I will always remember a very special part of my wedding. When my husband and I lit our Unity Candle as your song was playing, I looked at him, and with a tear in his eye, he turned to me and said, "I'll give you my all." That moment meant more to me than anything. It will be almost two years and I still hear his words and your song every night in my dreams. I want to thank you. Also, I wanted to commend you on your sincerity and hope that you will touch every heart that listens to your music as it touched mine. If I only held out one more year I would have used all of your songs. I am a huge fan of your work! I will be asking for your collection as my anniversary gift this year."

– Lisa Mocny, IL
"I wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to send me A Mother's Song on Saturday for the wedding. It is a fabulous add to my DJ music. You have written such a wonderful song that I am sure I will use it many, many times. Thanks again!"

– Trishia Norris
"I love the song This Ring. We are going to use it for when my fiance and I are lighting the unity candle at our wedding. The song is absolutely amazing. Thank you for such an inspirational song!"

– Annie, OK
"I just wanted to thank you for your songs. Our son sang This Ring and Dance With Me at our daughter's wedding on Dec. 29th and everyone thought they were the most amazing songs. It was so special for our daughter and new son-in-law. The words seemed to fit their lives. Thanks again."

– Cindy Louderback, MO
"Thank you so much. We are going to have my friend sing your songs during the unity candle and first dance. I just happened to stumble upon your website and instantly fell in love with all of your music. It made tears come to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift with other couples like myself."

– Jennifer, FL
"I just wanted to let you know that when I heard This Ring for the first time, I got goosebumps, began to cry, and knew instantly that it had to be our wedding song. It was the perfect song for the perfect day and I wanted to thank you for sharing it with the world! It really helped express the way we feel about each other and will help us remember that feeling for years to come. And, we have no one else to thank but you! God bless!"

– D. Pasquale, NJ
"Just wanted to let you know that while browsing the web, I came upon This Ring and was so touched. I have never heard a song more inspired by God for a wedding or a ring ceremony. This song is a must have for our daughter's wedding. Thanks you!"

– Ginny McGill
"The songs that you have are absolutely amazing! I was so happy to find you! I'm dancing with my father to "Daddy's Angel" and I doubt either of us will have a dry eye by the end of the dance. Thank you so much for the beautiful songs! They truly are amazing! God bless!"

– Shasta Bishop, KS
"I just wanted to thank you and comment on the GREAT!!! and prompt service. I was very pleased to have received my Daddy's Angel CD so quickly. I cannot wait to play this song for my dad and I to dance to. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

– Julie Heintz
"I have searched for weeks for the perfect song and thought that I had found it until I ran across A Mother's Song. Thank you so much for allowing me to give my son the gift of the PERFECT song on his wedding day!!!"

– Tammy Williams, TX
"I just wanted to say that I found your music on the internet about 6 months ago. I just purchased This Ring and let my grandparents listen to it. They are so impressed with my song choices and just loved your music. I will be walking down the isle to This Ring and I'm so excited because it will be something that none of my friends have used. Thank you so much for making my wedding day so memorable!!!"

– Amanda Hartman
"I wanted to let you know that I received the CDs today and that it has the most beautiful music on them. I have already cried and Saturday I'll be doing a lot more of that. Thank you for making a CD that will make my son's wedding so special. Pulling a wedding together in 1 month for a soldier is challenging enough but finding the perfect wedding music in such short notice was even harder. Thank you again for selling such great wedding music."

– Annette Ahnen