T Carter Music is happy to answer any or all questions that pertain to this website or the music that is on this website. Please view the FAQ section below for answers to common questions. If you do not see an answer to your particular question, feel free to send your question to T Carter Music via the contact form. We will try to answer your question personally and as quickly as possible. Thank you for visiting T Carter Music.

Are T Carter Music songs on iTunes or sold in stores? 
No, we do not use iTunes or any other outside distributer to handle our download or physical products. Our unique wedding songs are only sold in download bundles or full cd downloads from our website and our CDs can only be purchased from our website. T Carter Music is exclusive...we do not broadcast our media to multiple outlets becuase we want to ensure that what you are buying for your special day is not overused, overplayed, or overexposed. The price to have a unique wedding song is a little more but well worth the purchase when your guests hear your beautiful music for the very first time. 
I'm having trouble with my download purchase, can you help? 
Yes, the quickest way to get help with your download purchase is to send us a request on our contact form. Please describle the problem in as much detail as possible so that we can diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. Download products may not work properly on smaller or mobile devices since the Mp3 bundles are delivered in zip folders and the Sheet Music is delivered in a PDF format. We encourage downloading to a desktop or laptop computer and then transferring the files. 
What is your return policy? 
All sales are final upon purchase. T Carter Music is happy to replace any damaged goood at no cost to the buyer within 30 days of the purcahse date. Please contact us for any exchanges necessary. Refunds cannot be given for ANY digital download product. 
Can I use T Carter Music songs in my wedding video or slideshow? 
Absolutely! Be sure to get a Video/Slideshow license from the product page of the song or songs you want to use. This will give you full non-profit usage rights to create home or professional videos that you can share with your friends, family, or social media. The license is only $4.99 and it legally protects both parties from copyright issues. 
The answer to my question is not listed here in the FAQ. What should I do? 
Please use our contact form and describe your issue in detail. We will get back with you very quickly.