All of the Above
All of the Above All of the Above All of the Above

All of the Above

Ceremony, Unity Candle, or First Dance Song

All of the Above is a perfect for those looking for lyrics that focus on commitment and devotion. With over 10 million views across the world in 2018, this is one of the best contemporary and country wedding songs available! CD & Mp3 purchases include all band, acoustic, and performance tracks. Listen to All of the Above, view the lyrics, watch the video, & learn more details below!

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About the song... 

All of the Above is the newest wedding song I have written. After taking a couple years off from songwriting I felt the desire to write again and add to my collection of country wedding songs. I wanted to write another song that could be used for multiple situations. Unity candle, first dance, etc...As I started to explore ideas, I wanted to focus on what a bride and groom give to be together. From the standpoint of the man, he gives his love, devotion, and protection all the days of his life. From there I began to build on the story and answer the questions of "How do I commit myself to you? What will I give you?" Before I knew it I had a melody and a draft of lyrics that would quickly begin to take the shape of what would be All of the Above. The song is a pattern of questions and the groom already knows the answer. It's a simple "Yes." He will do all said things and more. With a busy schedule, I completed the song in a matter of a few days and recorded a demo version on my acoustic guitar. The demo was actually recorded in the back of our family mini-van while I waited for my youngest son to finish his basketball practice! I wanted piano to be the featured instrument on the official studio recording so the guitar arrangement I had written was then transposed to piano. All of the Above is a vow and a promise made by two people who are ready to spend all the days of their lives together. If you are looking for country wedding songs, this is one that you should seriously consider. 

- Tony Carter 

All of the Above is a beautiful new wedding song that speaks with a love and devotion for one another. With lyrics that express a true love and faithfulness, this is a must have for your special day. If you are looking for country wedding songs, you have come to the right place! CD and Mp3 Bundle include band, acoustic, and performance tracks. Sheet Music comes with male and female vocal key ranges. Only available here, from T Carter Music!


All of the Above

Words and Music: Anthony W. Carter

I could see it in your eyes
From the moment we first met
There was something different about you
I couldn’t see myself without you

Now I know what it is
That makes me love you like I do
It’s all that I’ve been longing for
I don’t have to look for it anymore

You give me something to believe in
A hope that I can build on
A trust and a devotion
I’m caught up in emotion...

Will I walk beside you
Will I give my heart away
Will I hold you in my arms at night
Will I bow my head and pray

Will I promise to be faithful
Will I do this every single day
Will I be there to protect you
Will I keep the vow I’ve made

Will I give you all of my love
I say all of the above...

You can see it in my eyes
When we are close together
The feelings that I just can’t hide
Things that my heart can’t deny

Now I know what it is
That makes me love you like I do
You’re all that I’ve been longing for
I don’t have to look for you anymore


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