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Christian Wedding Songs

December 31st, 2013

Christian Wedding Songs

When it comes to searching for wedding music, many brides and grooms are in search of something that not only reflects their love for one another but something that also represents their Christian faith. Christian Wedding Songs are often used to express the loving bond that a married couple will have but they are also used to show strength in their commitment to one another through their Christian faith and their belief in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are wedding songs written specifically for these type of moments. At T Carter Music, all of their wedding songs are “Christian” based and many of the lyrics include a promise or a vow based on traditional Christian values. In the song “This Ring”, the lyrics thank God for the gift of unity and the strength that only comes from placing God at the center of the relationship. In the song “Here We Stand”, God’s amazing grace is referenced to show how His love and compassion on us is never ending.

Too often wedding songs are chosen by popularity or artist regardless of their intended use. At T Carter Music, you can be sure you are getting great Christian Wedding Songs that were written solely for the purpose of providing moment specific wedding music with a strong foundation in Christ.

This Ring

Here We Stand

Good Country Wedding Songs

December 23rd, 2013

Good Country Wedding Songs

It has been a common trend for quite some time for wedding songs to have a little country flavor. Maybe it’s the simple love message that often takes place in a country song or maybe it’s the melody that catches the ear of the listener enough to be considered for a wedding song. Regardless of what the influence is, songs such as “Butterfly Kisses”, “I Swear”, and “I Cross My Heart” have been staples for the past 20 years.

Looking for Something New?

Recently, a newcomer to country wedding music has emerged in the form of independent music label T Carter Music. T Carter Music was formed by songwriter Tony Carter and founded on the principle of producing good country wedding songs that were not overly used like some of the ones mentioned above. Tony’s songs are unique in the fact that they are specifically written for weddings and the special moments that occur that day. Wedding songs for the unity candle ceremony, ring exchange, bride & groom first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance were written to cater for those moments.

If you are looking for something new for your wedding day, why not take a look at T Carter Music’s catalog of good country wedding songs? You can also find your ceremony music to accompany your individual song choices. Classical, Acoustic Guitar, and Celtic styles are available to suit the needs of many.

View some of T Carter Music’s most popular wedding songs below:

Songs for Vow Renewal

December 19th, 2013

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

When a couple has been married for an extended amount of time, it is often considered to renew the wedding vows and reconnect with the commitment and devotion that was established on their original wedding day. Vow renewal ceremonies are usually celebrated in a more intimate setting as the married couple takes a more personal approach to the event. Without the business of invitations and reception planning, the married couple can enjoy and intimate and valuable moment in their relationship.

Songs for Vow Renewal

When it comes to finding a song that reflects the love and commitment that a married couple shares, it’s often hard to find the perfect song that expresses the treasured moments shared and the look to a long and faithful future together. A great song suggestion for the vow renewal is This Ring by T Carter Music. This Ring has beautiful lyrics that tell the story of growing old and even though times may change, the love will always remain. If you are looking for songs for vow renewal, look no further than this great song composed by Anthony W. Carter.

This Ring – Lyrics
Words and Music: Anthony W. Carter

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long
An answered prayer, I know you are the one
I give to you my heart and soul
With a love that will never grow old

In my life, I can see
That you were made for me
You’ll be there to catch me if I fall
All the days, I have prayed
And the love that I have saved
With this ring, I’m giving you my all

I thank God for the gift He has given me
A love that’s strong for all of eternity
I give to you all of my days
With a love for all of your ways

In my life, I can see
That you were made for me
I’ll be there to catch you if you fall
All the days, I have prayed
And the love that I have saved
With this ring, I’m giving you my all

In the days that we grow old
The times may change but our love will remain
As we look back on this day now
We stood the test of time
Living the promise of our vow

In my life, I can see
That you were made for me
I’ll be there to catch you if you fall
All the days, I have prayed
And the love that I have saved
With this ring, I’m giving you my all…

Modern Wedding Ceremony Songs

December 11th, 2013

Modern Wedding Ceremony Songs

From the time the guests begin arriving, through the ceremony and the reception, music sets the mood and expresses the feelings that the bride and groom share for one another. Whether you’re planning on playing recorded music, having live musicians or vocalists, T Carter Music provides couples with modern music in CD, MP3 and sheet music format. Personalized CDs are also available.

Modern Wedding Ceremony Songs

Tony’s First CD

The company began in 2007 with a song that Tony Carter wrote entitled “This Ring.” The success of the single inspired the artist to take a closer look at the music available to couples on their special day. He soon penned “Dance with Me” and “Here We Stand.” The artist became determined to create a classical ceremony collection. He also wanted to put together a wedding CD comprised of music having Celtic influence. The projects required a group of seasoned musicians to make the dream a reality. Tony has worked with musicians who have worked with artists such as the Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks and James Taylor.

By January 2008, T Carter Music completed three wedding CDs. “Lyrical Vows of Unity” features original recordings perfect for playing during the ring exchange, lighting unity candles and the couple’s first dance as man and wife. The “Serenade – A Classical Wedding Collection” offers 12 songs that set the mood for an elegant and romantic atmosphere. “Highland Serenade – A Celtic Inspired Wedding Collection” offers a unique blend of classics and songs having a Celtic influence.

Special Moments CD

Realizing that the father/daughter dance needed just the right song to convey the special moment, Tony created and released “Daddy’s Angel” in June of 2008. The tune soon became a favorite with fans. The mother/son dance also inspired the popular “A Mother’s Song.” Released in December of the same year, the song represents the special bond between mother and son that begins in childhood and carries on through her son’s wedding day.

Birth of the Website

Work on crafting the perfect site began in 2009 and was officially opened in July. Couples could now find Tony’s music online. The composer’s creativity continued with “Fit to be Tied” in May of the following year, which provides the perfect upbeat song for the exit, reception entrance or fun group first dance. One year later, couples had the option of choosing a CD featuring a group of carefully selected classical songs played on an acoustic guitar. Some of the many favorites on the album include the “Bridal Chorus,” the “Wedding March” and “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.

from T Carter Music

Modern Wedding Ceremony Songs

Mother Son Dance

December 11th, 2013

Picking a Song for the Mother Son Dance

Father daughter wedding dances are so common. They get all the attention and all the best tunes. Meanwhile the mother son dance can be a tricky slope to transverse. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation party or a sixteenth birthday, finding that one tune that reflects the bond between mother and son has to be chosen with care. The lyrics and the melody must have a personal significance, resonating with every single person in the room. The fact is it’s a big challenge. You are attempting to do something phenomenal which is creating a moment that will be remembered forever.

Mother Son Dance

Daunting, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. T Carter Music has made a career of creating original compositions for special dances at weddings. Staring with 2007’s beloved This Ring (which the artist sang at his own wedding), Carter produced the memorable and touching Dance with Me. T Carter Music was formed and has released three wedding CDs, all featuring original, classic and heartfelt songs of romance. All of this within a two year period and to great acclaim. Embracing classical and Celtic wedding music, T Carter Music grew as the source for the perfect wedding song. Its CDs, mp3 downloads and sheet music has been embraced by people everywhere looking to make someone’s wedding day that much more special.

In 2008, the artist decided to tackle a topic that not many had gone at before, the mother son dance. He felt the focus had always been on father daughter dances, for which there were a number of songs and themes for the moment. Carter wanted to tackle the mother son dance with a tune presented from the mother’s perspective. It was a challenge that had never really been done before.

That December, he finished A Mother’s Song. It was a song filled with the voice of a mother whispering loving advice to her son on the journey from his younger day’s right up until he takes his wedding vows. It’s a wondrous melody and a special song that speaks of the unique relationship between a mother and her son. A Mother’s Song fast became a favorite in the T Carter Music catalog, becoming the go-to song for the mother son dance.

We can almost guarantee, after hearing A Mother’s Song and seeing the joy during the mother son dance, not only will everyone remember but there will be more than a few tears.

Listen to “A Mother’s Song” below:

Songs For Wedding Videos

December 8th, 2013

Songs For Wedding Videos

A wonderful way to add a unique quality to wedding memories, original music and songs for wedding videos highlight the singular moments of a special day. The pictures and video can come alive once again when words and music by T Carter Music make a unique soundtrack to treasured wedding recordings. It is a set of songs created for weddings, and lyrics based upon the time-honored traditions that mark the occasion.

Music that adds and does not distract
One can find parts of popular songs that reflect wedding themes; however, they will tend to take attention away from the events. Viewers will tend to think about the words and music and thoughts will wander away from the moments that one seeks to emphasize. Made to hold the attention on the scenes, these wedding songs focus on the Mother and son, bride and groom, and all the happiness of a gathering to celebrate the union.

The Finishing Touch For Video Memories
Original songs for wedding videos will add the right touch to a wedding video script. The music emphasizes events that make a wedding ceremony and the related celebrations memorable. The lyrics flow easily with wedding videos. The songs honor the rituals that fill the video with meaning for all involved. The songs speak to the steps we take when gathered to wish happiness and long fruitful lives for two who have decided join their lives.

Honoring the Family
Song lyrics can inspire a mood; they can remind us of the truly essential things in life. Songs can enliven a moment and raise spirits in celebration. Songs for wedding videos does all of these things and more. Because the writer and composer developed the music and lyrics with the wedding ceremony in mind, they honor traditions. They impress the importance of the family and all those gathered to wish happiness. A wedding is a time for family, the families that unite to celebrate, and the new family created by the wedding.

A Full License And Permissions
Songs for wedding videos are available on convenient MP3 format and online downloads from T Carter Music. The composer wrote these original songs to enhance the moment’s newlyweds wish to keep; it is simple and easy to own a fully licensed copy. From the father and daughter at the altar to the bride and groom’s first dance, there are inspiring moods, reflective lyrics, and soothing tones to enhance wedding videos. A license grants full usage in wedding videos, video professionals can use their client’s license to download and incorporate these songs into the wedding video.

Father Daughter Dance Songs

December 8th, 2013

Father Daughter Dance Songs

There is a variety of wedding music that can be used for any type of ceremony. One place that has new music specifically for weddings is T Carter Music. The music is original and can be used for all aspects of a wedding. This includes the ring exchange, the unity candle lighting, and the first dance of the bride and groom. Another aspect to consider for wedding music is father daughter dance songs. Review a list of songs that are a great choice for any wedding.

Special Dances

Along with the first dance of the bride and groom is the father daughter dance and mother son dance. A selection of music is available for each of these special dances at the wedding. This includes a location wedding or dances that occur at the reception. Weddings that are planned today by a bride and groom often need an assortment of features that will make the event memorable and special. Two songs that are available for any wedding event include Daddy’s Angel and A Mother’s Song.

Daddy’s Angel

The words that any father will want to say to their daughter on the day of her wedding are shared in this song. This makes Daddy’s Angel the perfect choice among father daughter dance songs to have for use on a bride and grooms wedding day. The lyrics in this song are meant to capture special memories while at the same time create moments that will last long after the wedding day. A special dance between fathers and daughters is meant to be remembered forever.

A Mother’s Song

Along with the father daughter dance is the mother son dance. A Mother’s Song is a great choice for the dance between a mother and her son. This song is meant to capture the enduring bond between mothers and their sons. The special day for a groom and special days when they were little boys means there are heart strings that will be tugged. Attendees at a wedding will enjoy the tender melody and memories that will last a lifetime.

T Carter Music is the best option for a bride who is reviewing father daughter dance songs. There is the choice to obtain a collection of songs on a CD, download songs in MP3 format, or when sheet music is necessary for strong instruments. Another aspect to consider for a wedding is to have video recorded to cherish forever.

Father Daughter Dance Songs

Good Country Wedding Songs

November 26th, 2013

The wedding ceremony consists of many moments of passage, moments with meaning for those immediately involved and those who gather to express love and care for the newlyweds. There is change and constancy as a father gives away his daughter, and a mother sees her son become a husband. There are moments everyone will cherish such as the first dance as a couple, and the symbols of unity spread throughout the wedding day, the highlights are the promises within the ring exchange, the hope for lasting happiness.

The dedication to details makes a noticeable difference in the wedding ceremony. Colors and themes help define the ceremony and celebration. Similarly, this country collection will help define the wedding ceremony. Crafted with a view of the many scenes and moods of the wedding ceremony, it will transport the listener.

A Wedding Day Keepsake
A wedding ceremony is a memorable day for the participants, and it is full of noteworthy opportunities to blend with the music. A collection of the good country wedding songs will remind listeners of events they witnessed and experienced. The Mother and son, hopeful bride and groom, are among the themes contained in this collection.

The Special Wedding Moments
The father brings his daughter to the altar, the family views from the honored places as the time honored tradition unfolds. With country music selected for this time-honored tradition, the soundtrack of the wedding day will resonate long after. Words take on the context of the emotions of a wedding ceremony. It is true of lyrics too; the circumstance helps listeners identify with the poetic images in the smooth-flowing lyrics.

A Song For Every Memory
Written to capture the essence of the ceremony day and preserve it, the composer designed the good Country Wedding Songs collection to be a keepsake. The rhythm and pace of the music matches the occasions, the lyrics carefully drawn to bind the music to the remarkable emotions of the joining of two lives. Carefully assembled with attention to every detail, this wedding music collection appeals to country music followers. The simple expression of many complex moods is the hallmark of country music, and it is present in this outstanding collection.

This good Country Wedding Songs collection is available on CD or in MP3 format. Designed as part of the special memories of a special day, this country music has a purpose. The soundtrack of a lifetime memory, it will recall the day in all of its tender moments; family and friends united in a celebration of a marriage.

Checkout the left menu now to listen to these great wedding songs!

Good Country Wedding Songs

Wedding Song

November 22nd, 2013

Finding the Perfect Wedding Song

Planning your wedding is one of the most special times as a couple. You have decided to spend your lives together and you want everything to be wonderful from the moment you walk down the aisle to speak your sacred vows, to the last dance at the reception. The music you choose helps set the tone for the big day and when it is perfectly suited to the two of you, you will recall beautiful picture perfect memories of your wedding day.

Choosing Your Unique Wedding Songs

When it comes to wedding music, you want it to be something that speaks to your hearts and souls. Original wedding songs are a nice touch for both your ceremony and reception, so think about choosing new music written specifically for weddings. You can hear some of the best wedding music in the industry right here. Listen to our all-new classical style music including Celtic classical and classical wedding guitar sounds. We are certain you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy our fine new wedding songs and instrumental music.

Make a Wedding Song Playlist…

  • Whether or not you hire a DJ for your reception, it is a good idea to create a playlist for your wedding day that is unique for both your ceremony and reception, and you may choose for some music to be played at both.
  • Take plenty of time on your playlist and think about every aspect of your wedding day as you plan the music.
  • You most likely have songs that are special to the two of you already, so start collecting those in your playlist and organizing them into data files for each aspect of your wedding day.
  • Plan a detailed list from pre-ceremony music to the music played throughout the festivities. Ask yourselves, Will we enter the reception hall to a specific wedding song?”

… In Addition, be Specific and Plan Dance Music

The first dance as a couple.
The father and daughter dance.
The mother and son dance.
The BFF dance, and no doubt you can think of many more.

The two of you get to plan your wedding details including the music and you should have fun at it. We invite you to listen to our beautiful wedding songs that are new in the industry but classical in nature for weddings. You are sure to want to capture the romantic love sounds for your special wedding day, and you will no doubt continue to enjoy listening to your playlist as time goes by.

Wedding Songs

Wedding Songs Download

November 21st, 2013

New & Original Wedding Songs available for Download!

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Therefore, every moment that occurs at the event has to be one that people will remember forever. A bride will have only one chance at this event to dance with her father or slow dance with her husband. A groom will have the same opportunity to celebrate his freedom and growth with his mother on the day he takes a new wife. By securing a wedding songs download, a married couple is making sure that they capture the essence of this special day and build memories that people will remember for years to come.

T Carter Music offers a wedding songs download. There are a variety of items from which interested parties can choose. For the low price of $19.99, a wedding couple can download 59 of the most sophisticated, sentimental and symbolic songs for a wedding. Additionally, each one of the songs has original lyrics and music. People who obtain these downloads will know that they are playing music that not many other married couples are playing. This original element will transform a wedding from something traditional to something modern and innovative. For $29.99, the customers can order the full CD package that includes sheet music to each of the songs. Having the sheet music handy will allow people to play the music with their own instruments. A husband or wife could serenade their spouse with a guitar, violin or piano to add a personal element to the event.

Clients have three options for the format in which they would like the songs. They can order the collection as an audio CD, which will allow them the ability to play the music in a vehicle, stereo, or computer. They can also order the CD as an mp3 collection. Furthermore, an interested party could order the collection as entirely sheet music. T Carter Music is all about making the experience easy and personalized for the consumer.

People who would like to add this amazing collection to their wedding track list can visit the website and preview the sounds of several songs. There is no obligation to listen to clips of the music. Some of the original songs on the list include titles such as “This Ring”, “Dance with Me”, and “Here We Stand”. All wedding songs download items symbolize something important that will occur during the event. This will be a wonderful asset to anyone having a wedding in the near future.

Wedding Songs Download