About T Carter Music 

My company, T Carter Music began in early 2007 with the independent single release of This Ring.  A song that is truly dear to my heart and a song that I wrote and performed at my own wedding, This Ring is the foundation of T Carter Music and the song that started it all.  With the success of This Ring, I was encouraged to take a closer look at what music was being offered to potential brides and grooms. I found that there was a need for great moment specific ceremony songs and a desire for classical compositions arranged with elegance and intimacy.  With this understanding, I began writing and producing more original ceremony music that catered to those who were looking for something a little different for their wedding day. 

T Carter Music produces original wedding songs written by me, Tony Carter. Each song is carefully crafted to fit the moment and to provide a lasting memory. All songs are writen and demo'd by myself and then sent to Nashville, TN for final production and recording. We use Nashville's "A" list musicians and singers on each of our songs. Many who have performed on CDs released by Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, and the Dixie Chicks to name a few. We take pride in the quality of product that is produced and feel that is why so many people find our music to be exactly what they are looking for.

As of 2015, T Carter Music has been sold to over 25 countries around the world and to every state in the USA. Our music has been used for countless videos, slideshows, and celebrations. Wtih over 30 million plays to our YouTube channel and over 1,000 customer views per day to our official website, we are thrilled to be a leader in providing what brides and grooms are looking for on their wedding day. 


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Tony Carter
T Carter Music